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  • Web development and Digital Marketing are the main two careers these days. Let's know more about them!
Web Development vs Digital Marketing

For business school graduates, Web development and Digital Marketing are the main two careers that they head to. Especially if they are tech-savvy! 

Before you start reading the comparison between those two careers, I suggest that you need to read this blog “Digital Marketing in Few Points

Let’s Start! 

Difference Between Digital Marketer and Web Developer 

 Sales &Profits VS Creating the tools

Digital Marketers care more about how to sell the product and how much is profit gained from selling products. Whereas Web Developers want to create functional, eye-catching material. For sure end goal is to gain money, but in this stage, Web developers are more creative than digital marketers.

Create Websites VS Advertising it 

Web developers are the ones who create websites or static pages from A to Z. They also focus on designing the website to be attractive for the end-user and make them likely to enjoy the experience. But on the other hand, digital marketers are the ones who work on it. As they focus o how to market these websites, make content, and focus on email campaigns and other adverting solutions. 

 Short Terms Projects Vs Long Term Projects 

Creating a website may take months! Therefore, web developers’ projects are long-term ones. On the contrary, Digital marketing tasks may end in days and maybe hours. As it focuses on creating content or making ads or even creating designs, all of those are short-term projects and can be summed up in days at max. 

Repeating Costumer VS One Time Costumer 

Normally, a client after finishing his website fades away. So in a web development career, it is normal that clients are one-time clients. Per contra, Digital marketing clients always come back for more ads, more designs, and more content!

Strong Relationship VS Normal One

 Web developers used to have a strong relationship with the company than digital marketers. Creating a bad website or full of bugs website will negatively affect the company’s image. Not only that but can also make huge losses. But on the other hand, creating a bad logo or inactive ad will make a loss but not huge like the loss from websites. 

Got more confused? Let us knows the pros and cons of being a digital marketer and the pros and cons of being a web developer. 

Let’s Start with Digital Marketer

Pros of Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing

Easy To Learn

One of the biggest pros of digital marketing is that it is so easy to learn. Also, free courses are available everywhere on many platforms. If you are serious about digital marketing and want to be a geek. Then take an action now and start learning from the online course!

No Need For Coding 

Many people have wrong info that digital marketing needs prior knowledge about coding. Which is extremely wrong. All you need to know is to make ads or create content, etc. And it is about which branch of digital marketing you choose to specialize in. 

More Frequent Work 

Companies will never stop making ads or creating designs. So there is always work needed to be done. Per contra, web developing, Once you make the website they may need some edits and that’s it. 

Cons of Digital Marketer  

 A lot of marketers!

Many people have entered the field of digital marketing recently, which makes proving that you are a brilliant digital marketer is a bit harder. So, you may need to study and have hands-on experience. 

A Small Tiny Mistake Can Make A Big Hassle

As your work is always online and its target is to be known. One tiny mistake can turn out to be a huge disaster that affects a company’s reputation or so on. So you need to be very careful of what you write and what you make especially on social media. 

That’s all about digital marketing! Now, It is web developing time!

Pros of Web Development