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You are now doing a complete SEO audit process for your site, you have already finished the first two steps in the process and now in the third, which is the SEO technical audit. Let's take a deep tour of SEO technical audit, how to do it, the steps to implement the process, its importance, and the most important auxiliary tools to do it.

technical audit is one of the third steps in the audit process for your website, which is taken into consideration by Google to rank your website, and based on it, it will rise or fall in the rankings in the SERP search engine results.

The process takes time and effort to reach the data on which the decision is taken, always remember your primary goal before performing the technical audit.

What is SEO technical audit?

It is the third part of the SEO parts, concerned with analyzing the technical elements of your site to enhance your ranking in search results by facilitating ways for Google's crawler to access your site.

In this step, we make sure that the site is easily accessible, fast to load, crawled from Google's crawler, and is in order.

The main goal of the technical SEO audit process finding technical issues related to your website to increase its ranking at SERP, make it more suitable for search engines, and increase its domain authority.

SEO, SEO Audit, SEO Technical audit

Why do experts do SEO technical audit?

I did the first two steps in the process, wrote the best content ever written, and made sure of all your backlinks. Now people are eager for the content of your site and are paying money for a new article that you publish on your blog. but!

If each page takes more than 10 seconds for the user to download it for sure, or you are in the place of the user or the average reader of your blog, you will get bored and tired of waiting and you will leave the site and look for another.

This is how you lost a potential customer on your site and also its harmful effect on you in Google, so Google's algorithms evaluate you on the basis of the time spent for each customer on your site. For every second your site takes to load, you lose a potential customer.

It doesn't matter how good your content is as long as your site isn't business-friendly in terms of speed and organization. You lose a customer every second.

This is an example of how important performing technical audit, also if your website cannot be accessed by Google and the procedure for crawling it, this will harm your SERP ranking.

Elements of Technical SEO

Crawling is very important for SEO Audit Process, but there are some other elements that are important to your SERP ranking and increase the chances of your site's organic traffic that you should take into account and work on improving it:

1-   Duplicate Content

2-   Duplicate Tags

3-   Mobile Optimization

4-   Loading Speed

5-   Crawls Issues

6-   XML Sitemaps

7-   URL Structure

8-   Errors 404

9-   Robots.txt

How to Perform a Technical SEO Audit

Google's SEO guidelines change periodically, every period the algorithms of search engines change and update to give the best user experience.

Fortunately, technical SEO guidelines also change, but at a slower rate than other SEO processes.

Well, now we have provided information about what Technical SEO Audit is, its importance, and the elements that are being looked at, now what are the steps involved in the Technical SEO Audit process: